Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Finding Resonance

Considering my recent thoughts of the concepts of Exchange, Resonance, Synchronicity, Fylgja and the Abyss I took to re-reading my friend Ensio Kataja's, article 'The Runes of the Holy', in issue 19 of Rûna magazine. As I am about to move into an exploration of the Elhaz rune, I found Ensio's words most worthy of deep contemplation, especially in the light of my recent personal experiences with Wyrd and Synchronicity.

"The seventh rune of the first ættir of the Elder Futhark, gebo, is the rune of sacrifice, or 'making sacred', a mystery of the interdependence of gods and men. It is also a sign of 'alchemical marriage,' where the attainment of communication with the 'higher' or 'holy' Self of the runester is gained through the two-fold process of *wihaz and *hailagaz.

In a similar manner, elhaz, the seventh rune of the second ættir, represents the link between a man and his fylgja. Thorsson has written how 'the loading with magical, numinous or spiritual force effected through this rune implies a person or place with so much force that it becomes sacred, set apart and protected by divine power'.

Dagaz, the seventh rune of the third ættir, represents the mystery of the Óðinnic hyper consciousness. The secrets of 'the Day' should be sought at the extreme borders. This search, says Thorsson, 'ends when the contents of the extreme borderlands fall into a vortex of single pointed wholeness in the centre.'"

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